Group Programs

For organizations that want to introduce their entire leadership team to wellness practices, we offer custom workshops, executive off-sites and team facilitations. Highly interactive, these programs cover nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and leadership through a combination of education, coaching and behavioral change techniques.

for your leadership team

Facilitated Executive + Leadership Offsites

Specializing in bringing teams together in a collaborative, energized and interactive way.

  • We incorporate effective assessments, experiential learning and movement to help teams get to a deeper level of trust, healthy conflict, collaboration and results.
  • We'll tailor the offsite to fit your team’s needs and plan every detail, including making sure the right food is served for the best energy and engagement.
  • Our expert facilitators create the space, environment and transparency to bring out the best in teams and help cultivate peak performance.

Executive wellness development Programs

Designed to engage, transform and create communities of wellbeing.

Traditional Executive Development programs typically focus on cognitive and strategic skill building.  But the mental and physical demands on leaders are higher than ever and there's little in the way of wellness support and development for them. 

Executive burnout costs organizations $500 billion annually.  Most corporate wellness programs only skim the surface and participation rates hover around an abysmal 25%.   

We connect leadership to wellness in ways that help executives to make profound changes easy, sustainable and enjoyable. A happy byproduct that we often hear about is that they foster connection and trust among the participants. 

    What participants say

    This program was FANTASTIC! I cannot say enough good things about the CEC team. This program was extremely impactful for me. I am on my way to being even healthier and stronger, which in turn has made me happier and more productive.
    This program was by far the greatest thing the company invested in. It was meaningful, helpful and encouraged healthy living. Everyone found a huge amount of value.
    The team was amazing, I could write a book on all of the fabulous things I learned through this process!!!!
    I would like to see this expand to the entire company. It would be great if we could have a Wellness session at least once a month. This is a great way to shift the company culture to a more positive, healthy, and productive culture.